Skeletons of old fishing boats run up on shore
Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

So with the loving understanding of our wives and insurance policies current, we blasted north in pursuit of fame and glory. The next couple of weeks we had the type of ride we had dreamed about, with surprises almost everyday. Riding desolate yet pristine regions on roads bulldozed out of nowhere, dodging moose, visiting real Viking settlements and fjords, encountering accidents, drinking Screech, visiting shipwrecks, watching whales, and experiencing campfire camaraderie with fellow riders.  It involved 2 nations, 3 time zones, 5 provinces, 6 ferries, 15 days, 30 foot tides, 700+ miles of unpaved roads, and 1535 km across one of the last mainly untouched provinces in Canada…. Labrador. I swear it will be weeks before I get this damn grin off my face. Boy howdy, did we have fun.