Inner Labrador's lonely highway
Brian leading the way on the Trans-Labrador Highway


What follows is a dirt ride of epic proportions, following the longest unpaved road in North America. It began as a great boastful idea late at night around a campfire, but then suddenly became a reality when the cosmos aligned properly. So in the summer of 2005, with the confidence inspired by pure ignorance, Brian Malsch and I launched our expedition to the Great White North. The goal? Ride the Trans-Labrador Highway to Goose Bay, then come home thru Newfoundland, taking in as much of the Canadian Maritimes as we possibly could, never back-tracking, camping the entire way, and keeping the expenses to under $50 a day. Shear lunacy according to every Canadian we met! But then again, most of them didn’t even know The Trans-Labrador Highway existed, and none of them had ever met a true GS rider either….